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What a miserable mess!
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About role models, leadership examples and companies that think tech trumps law. In writing a blog this week, I really don’t know where to begin. Should I write about the unholy mess that is Uber? Uber has potentially just hit the rails in the UK after ploughing ahead with its jaw dropping business model that […]

Project Fear? Project Irresponsible!
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The British have for months been subjected to project fear, project threat, project utter ridiculous and project downright nonsense. I have been embarrassed time after time by influential political, business and civil leaders, with all types of affiliation, thinking that their airtime and public profile and self-important posturing are more important than calm, steady, honest […]

The diversity imperative

So often I am asked what companies can do to overcome diversity challenges. It’s a never ending tale of… not enough women, how can we recruit or retain more… not enough ethnic minorities, how can we encourage more to apply to us… massive cultural gaps between offices impacting communication… too many women leaving after maternity […]

Group think: the 8 symptoms
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Sometimes I find there is so much going on in the world, I simply can’t decide what to write about. But applying a bit of mental self-discipline, there is one topic that both fascinates and horrifies me… Group Think. I’ll talk a bit in a minute about the workplace, but firstly, it’s not surprising that […]

Diversity – but on our terms…

In recent months, I have delivered numerous seminars on the topics of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. What strikes me is how often I hear people talk of other people’s – or other organisations’ – biases, whilst singularly failing to recognise their own. I was contacted around 6 months ago by an events manager who […]

The Business Morality Audit

In my business Jaluch, we often get asked to conduct an HR (Human Resources) or L&D (Learning and Development) Audit within organisations. But in this blog I wanted to take a slightly different approach to audit. I wanted to look at how HR or Senior Team might conduct a Morality Audit of the organisation. Not […]

Loneliness in the workplace

Last week, I watched a documentary about loneliness. In producing the documentary they interviewed numerous people of all ages and from all walks of life. I was struck by the number of those in employment or working for themselves who said they were lonely. How can you spend all day busy and in many cases, […]

I’ve had enough… I’m resigning

It’s the time of year most popular for emotionally charged resignations. Built up into a frenzy of indignation, outrage or hostility about work during an overly indulgent and alcohol fuelled ‘festive’ period, come early January there is often a frenzy of resignations with staff vowing this is the time they take back control of their […]

Are you and your staff brainwashed?

Do you believe the TV ads you see? Do you believe the newspapers and what you read on social media? Do you believe what your professional advisors assure you is the truth? Do you accept what your suppliers tell you when they say they are providing the best possible solution for you? Do you nod […]

80% of our head talk is negative

We rail against the fanatics and terrorists who so terribly impact our daily lives. We put our heads in our hands and talk of bombs and war. Of terrorism and fear. We scan the news for more talk and stories of atrocities and inhumane behaviour. It would appear that we largely live in a world […]

Time for some straight talking

If you can’t tell someone what’s on your mind without dressing it up or going around the houses, then how on earth can you begin to manage or develop them? Sometimes I wonder if the word ‘boss’ has been so vilified over time, that even bosses now hesitate to act like ‘the boss’! In my […]

Engaged, not engaged or actively disengaged?

I could talk about engagement, but I don’t really want to! What I want to think about is the impact of employee commitment on engagement. In the 2014 Gallup survey, it was found that just 31.5% of US employees were ‘engaged’, 51% were ‘not engaged’ and worryingly 17.5% were ‘actively disengaged’. Young workers were found to be the least engaged. Studies in the UK show engagement levels amongst […]

Integrity interview

With so much press attention in recent years about the importance of integrity in society, politics and business and current reports about insidious corruption inside FIFA, I thought that it would be interesting to put together some interview questions around integrity. It’s often hard enough managing your existing staff who don’t have integrity (if that’s […]

Incompetence breeds incompetence!

What happens when your Director is incompetent? Perhaps not surprisingly, but incompetent people frequently recruit and surround themselves with others who are equally lacking in competence. They also treat with disdain and often side-line those who are competent, thereby compounding an already bad situation. It is of course the only way to stay safe and […]

Zero hours nonsense

For as long as I can remember we have had the option in the UK to offer (and accept) zero hours contracts. But now we are subjected to a load of political nonsense about zero hours contracts, mostly delivered by people who appear to have no idea about the real world at all. The reality […]

Design Thinking Creeping onto L&D Agendas

What is Design Thinking? Is it relevant to you? What are the ‘L&D fashionistas’ saying? Last year my business Jaluch introduced into our online store a Developing Independent Thinking Skills course. Which is very similar to the new ‘design thinking’ courses we now see on offer. This training was created in order to address the […]

Raising standards in the ‘hidden’ departments

In organisations there are departments permanently under scrutiny, but there are also departments that often avoid scrutiny. The ones under scrutiny are continually under pressure to raise standards, the ones not under scrutiny often feel no such pressure. This of course means that standards are not necessarily being continually raised in those departments, with insufficient […]