5 minutes with Tammy Connor, our new Head of Learning and Development

With recent research suggesting that two out of three UK workers have left an employer due to a lack of training and development opportunities, we recently made an exciting addition to our team in the form of a brand new Head of Learning and Development.

Tammy Connor joined us in August and has been busy speaking to business leaders about what they want from training, and how staff can be supported and grow through learning and development programmes.

We thought we’d get to know Tammy a little better, and delve into her fantastic experience… which includes a stint as a star of a beloved 90’s TV show. *Hint*, her stage name was ‘Fox’!

Tammy, you’ve had quite a varied career but it’s all shared the theme of learning – tell us how you started out?

I’ve always loved helping people do their best. Whether that was early in my career teaching hair and beauty skills as an adult education specialist, to setting up my own business as a personal trainer. Each positive I’ve held has been geared towards learning and development – whether in the workplace or in the gym! I really thrive helping people achieve their goals, and bringing out the potential they might not even know they had.

How has that led to your new position at Jaluch as Head of Learning and Development?

I recognised early that my passion lay in this area and after time spent in South Africa I returned to the UK to hold senior training positions in The Body Shop and PZ Cussons. These were global roles that saw me at the heart of the retail sector, leading training for those on the front line of customer service and team leadership. Working in such fast-paced retail environments was fantastic. It gave me a great grounding in understanding the importance of training that helps deliver stand-out customer service and also help to give leaders the skills they need to inspire, engage and motivate teams.

What makes a positive learning experience?

We never stop learning, and it doesn’t necessarily take a classroom to teach new skills. I am very much an advocate of blended learning which sees a range of tactics used to ensure learners get the most from the experience. Whether that is group workshops or online tools there is definitely a place for creativity in training and that’s why I wanted to join Jaluch – their approach to training is bespoke and focused on impact, not box-ticking.

My own experience has taught me that the best learning comes when individuals can interact as much as possible with peers and experts in a dynamic and human way. That means less PowerPoint and more debate, also helping people to find their own solutions and paths to conquer issues they face.

You’ve had some celebrity experience in your career – any secrets you can tell us?

Yes that’s true! Through my personal training I was invited to become a Gladiator on the popular game show. It was a truly amazing experience that took me to South Africa to appear on the show there, and to hone my skills as an athlete.

While I’m not about to spill any celebrity secrets, I will share my own secret. The thought of being on TV was quite terrifying – I am a natural introvert so this was way out of my comfort zone. But what it taught me, and what I take with me now as I help others achieve their potential is that we don’t fit into the boxes that we, and others make for ourselves. We really can do more and it just takes the opportunity and support to do so. That’s what I hope to bring to clients I work with now at Jaluch.

Finally, why Jaluch?

I am so thrilled to join this team of experts. Jaluch stands out in this industry as being honest, upfront and made up of people who genuinely care about making work better for employers and employees alike. They take the time to understand clients, which can be missing in this sector that sometimes focuses on selling as much as possible to as many as possible, even if it isn’t the right solution. For me, integrity and expertise is everything, and that’s why Jaluch is such a great fit.




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