Employer & Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity

Having a diverse employee base is important for businesses, but if you want real, genuine, sustainable diversity, achieving diversity amongst your supplier base is something you need to consider. It’s got to be a holistic approach.

Did you know that 20% of UK businesses are female owned? But just 1% of money spent with suppliers goes to those 20% of female owned businesses. The statistics aren’t great! But at Jaluch we try to practice what we preach, so last year we created a 20/20 target, i.e. 20% of our spend with suppliers to be spent with the 20% of female owned businesses.

And ... now we are utterly delighted to announce that in the past 12 months a staggering 30% of our total spend with suppliers has been spent with female owned businesses.. We smashed our target and are thrilled to lead the way for smaller businesses on supplier diversity.

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Serious about diversity?

If you’re serious about diversity generally, supplier diversity is crucial. Already 75 of the UK’s largest corporates are signed up to supplier diversity programmes and 5387 women owned businesses have registered through WeConnect International.

So ... will you join our drive to get 20% of supplier spend by all businesses to be spent on female owned businesses? Don’t make us go it alone!

Find out more about the Women Owned logo we use.

Here are a few of the women owned (or co-owned) businesses we work with:




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Organisations supporting female entrepreneurship

Diversity & Inclusion Training

If you think your organisation would benefit from diversity and inclusion training, we offer courses that can help you:

  • Retain valued staff
  • Engender great employee relations
  • Attract new talent
  • Address gender and other imbalances at various levels in the organisation
  • Better reflect the diversity of the supplier base
  • Better position themselves for corporate or public sector contracts

For more information on the training we can offer, visit our diversity and inclusion training page.

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