Never one to dwell for long on the drudgery of life, I wanted to share with you some great expressions that I came across recently on various sites, including the Institute of Directors discussion group on LinkedIn. So which one of these are you guilty of using or perhaps, with fun being the name of […]

Tea and Sympathy

It has been a long time since ‘tea and sympathy’ was on the list of must have skills in the HR department, but with the plethora of tribunal claims and grievances coming through, you have got to ask yourself whether employing someone who is great at showing empathy and a really good listener, could diffuse […]

An example to us all……

In this day and age when fantastic leadership is seemingly paramount to help us dig our way out of the economic mire we are in, it is interesting to note that when certain of our esteemed political leaders are criticised for participating in legal daylight robbery in respect of their expense claims, their typical recourse […]