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Are you racist? Are we all racist?
0 are we all racist

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Engagement recently, thinking it’s time to challenge a few of our ‘accepted’ D&I principles. I’ve slowly been coming to the conclusion that in this PC world of ours not enough challenging is going on about the essence of people, the essence of who we are, and how […]

Jaluch Culture – Tips from the Team
0 Dogs running on shore

  Leaders – face it! It’s time to tackle the ‘c’ word At Jaluch we think the time has come to face up to the ‘c’ word and challenge employers to take an honest look at how they run their businesses. We’re talking, of course about “culture”. Sexist scandals at giants like Google and Topshop […]

Fear in the workplace
0 Fear in the workplace: Lots of blue and pink works on a white background all about change, failure and mistakes

It strikes me that far too many decisions are made in the workplace in response to fear. Fear of: Which of these is your greatest or most frequent fear? Is it on my list? But more importantly, what is the greatest fear of those you manage or work alongside? Do their fears impact how successfully […]

Panic Decision making
0 Panic decision making: A woman listens to the angel and the devil stood on her shoulders whispering to her

As the candidate market squeezes employers looking for the next great find, is there a danger we sometimes panic and just appoint the best person we can find, whilst our backs are up against the wall? I have certainly experienced this across two decades in business and with hindsight have always come to rue my […]

The self-employment delusion
0 The self employment delusion: A group of birds carrying a large pencil via a black string

Who really wants to be self-employed once they find the grass is not as green as it looked? As those who work with Jaluch will already know, this year I am judging the Venus Awards Employer of the Year (London Region). That role has led to me having conversations with many business owners in recent […]

Is Lethargy in Your Business a Hidden Killer?
0 Is Lethargy in Your Business a Hidden Killer: A businessman who is being recharged by a battery

I find it so exciting when I meet businesses with a healthy shot of oomph. The day always seems so much brighter. In contrast, my mood dips and I find it so dispiriting when I come across the opposite. I see the dictionary suggests various words for the opposite of oomph: apathy, lethargy, indifference, inactivity, […]

What a miserable mess!
0 What a miserable mess: Naughty dog - Lying dog in the middle of mess in the kitchen.

About role models, leadership examples and companies that think tech trumps law. In writing a blog this week, I really don’t know where to begin. Should I write about the unholy mess that is Uber? Uber has potentially just hit the rails in the UK after ploughing ahead with its jaw dropping business model that […]

Project Fear? Project Irresponsible!
0 Project Fear? Project Irresponsible: A red powder which has been thrown to form a red cloud

The British have for months been subjected to project fear, project threat, project utter ridiculous and project downright nonsense. I have been embarrassed time after time by influential political, business and civil leaders, with all types of affiliation, thinking that their airtime and public profile and self-important posturing are more important than calm, steady, honest […]

The diversity imperative
0 The diversity imperative: A light bulb made up of multicoloured puzzle pieces

So often I am asked what companies can do to overcome diversity challenges. It’s a never ending tale of… not enough women, how can we recruit or retain more… not enough ethnic minorities, how can we encourage more to apply to us… massive cultural gaps between offices impacting communication… too many women leaving after maternity […]

Group think: the 8 symptoms
0 Group think: the 8 symptoms: 6 faces each with different coloured cogs where their brain would be

Sometimes I find there is so much going on in the world, I simply can’t decide what to write about. But applying a bit of mental self-discipline, there is one topic that both fascinates and horrifies me… Group Think. I’ll talk a bit in a minute about the workplace, but firstly, it’s not surprising that […]

Diversity – but on our terms…
0 Diversity: A picture of a shadowed face, but where the brain is there are multi coloured arrows coming out

  In recent months, I have delivered numerous seminars on the topics of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. What strikes me is how often I hear people talk of other people’s – or other organisations’ – biases, whilst singularly failing to recognise their own. I was contacted around 6 months ago by an events manager […]

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