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Tribunal chaos

  Given the work we do at Jaluch, it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you we spend quite a bit of time communicating with the employment tribunals, within the UK. Some are great, others are a total disaster zone that cost money, piles and piles of it! So how do we find […]

Baby blues – parental leave (part two)

  Earlier this week, I commented on Nick Clegg’s thoughts about the current system of parental and maternity leave patronising women and marginalising men. Today, I wanted to focus on the government’s ambitions, in terms of shared parental leave and increased flexible working for staff. In a nutshell, by 2015 the government wants to introduce […]

Appraisal angst

  For many, it’s performance review time of year again. A time when managers sigh, their stomachs churn, headaches set in and brains whirr to think of any viable excuses to get them out of all that extra paperwork, time spent in meetings and embarrassment when difficult issues need to be addressed and recorded. On […]

Fit or Sick?

Are you stupid? Am I stupid? Because someone somewhere, I think, is stupid! Last year when your employee was sick they self certified for the first 5 days and after that they got a sick note from their doctor. But now, some clever so and so has come up with the brilliant idea of fit […]

The Naked Truth

As temperatures have kept below freezing across much of the world (although Australia this week actually ‘suffered’ 37 degree heat one night as a result of its ongoing heatwave) innovation, enthusiasm and cheekiness was kept alive in the States and 15 other supporting countries on ‘no pants day’ – this day being the day when […]

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