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Bosses criticised for Micromanaging staff

‘Stop micro managing me!’ Is fast becoming the refrain of unhappy employees. How many managers will have faced criticism about micromanaging staff in recent months? A significant number I expect, but is it ever acceptable to micromanage your staff? There are articles that talk of managers’ duty to give clear responsibility to their employees and […]

Tackling poor performance

Almost every organisation I come into contact with admits to needing training for some or all of their managers in how to manage employee performance. Employers know there is a lack of skill to confidently and competently manage performance. Their employees know that their under performing colleagues are seldom properly managed. And their managers themselves often […]

Leadership – lead, lead or lead?

I was once chatting with a Director who was describing one of his management team. “Her a leader? No chance! She couldn’t even manage her way out of a paper bag”. Ahh! Houston, we have a problem! Leaving aside those who haven’t even cracked the management part of the job yet, my thoughts in recent […]

Leadership integrity hits a new low

I am sure you have all read this week of the 17 year old youth police commissioner who after just one day of service was shown to be shockingly prejudiced against so many parts of the society she has been appointed to represent. I am less interested in whether Paris Brown ultimately keeps her job, […]

Binning the SMART objectives

It’s a radical approach, but would your whole performance review experience be improved if you binned the SMART objectives? Having delivered training in how to set and write up SMART objectives for many years now, I don’t suggest this lightly. But I do suggest it as SMART objectives seem to be universally hated, so perhaps […]

Managing underperformance

A survey recently suggested that 63% of small business owners worry about how to terminate the employment of their under performing employees. Sound familiar? But its not just small business owners, is it? In my experience there will be just as many managers in the larger organisations who either don’t know how to go about […]

Who inspires you?

  I have been talking about leadership and role models to a number of business and student groups recently. Who inspires us today to choose our careers, develop our skills, aspire to the board, or set up a business on our own? What I have found is, if you ask a group of students, invariably […]

Twit twoo

Who’s a moody, misery guts in your business? Yesterday I heard a guy on the radio saying, it’s now possible to monitor the overall daily mood of the world by analysing global tweets on Twitter. So what you might say! But they have also worked out that the Dow Jones index actually responds to the […]

Whose responsibility?

Today I am speaking at one of the banks in London on Motivation. Part of my speech relates to responsibility for motivation – are we each responsible for our own motivation? Or are our companies and managers responsible? Perhaps you take the view it should be a shared responsibility? I suspect many will say it […]

How great is your body

I read an interesting article this week on how leaders need to be aware of, and use their bodies to lead! Other than where the imagination takes you on this theme – with whichever leader you know who springs to mind! I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a few lighthearted reminders on […]

The incompetence of line managers

Joey Goodfellow joined the company five years ago as a machine operator. He then progressed through the ranks as a result of his enthusiasm, work ethic and general good nature to deputy supervisor and then, after a round of redundancies, he suddenly found himself line managing 25 other machinists. Joey Goodfellow had experienced what so […]

Appraisal angst

  For many, it’s performance review time of year again. A time when managers sigh, their stomachs churn, headaches set in and brains whirr to think of any viable excuses to get them out of all that extra paperwork, time spent in meetings and embarrassment when difficult issues need to be addressed and recorded. On […]

Sick of sickies

A recent survey showed that 21% of staff said the last day they took off work ‘sick’ they weren’t actually sick at all, but were instead pulling a ‘sickie’. 21%? It’s enough to blow your mind if you are a line manager or company owner. So, what would it feel like to lop 21% of your sick […]

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