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Tackling poor performance

Almost every organisation I come into contact with admits to needing training for some or all of their managers in how to manage employee performance. Employers know there is a lack of skill to confidently and competently manage performance. Their employees know that their under performing colleagues are seldom properly managed. And their managers themselves often […]

Managing underperformance

A survey recently suggested that 63% of small business owners worry about how to terminate the employment of their under performing employees. Sound familiar? But its not just small business owners, is it? In my experience there will be just as many managers in the larger organisations who either don’t know how to go about […]

Beating the boredom at work

  Following my recent post about ‘Tubecrushing’ apparently ‘The Game’ (or ‘Silly Commuter Racing’) is another of London’s current crazes. Whether its thrill seeking and competitiveness on your bike on the way to work, connecting up a Wii in the staff room, or integrating your e-learning with adrenalin fuelled computer simulations, life nowadays is so […]

The Lone Ranger

You have probably met the corporate Lone Ranger at conferences, airports, or executive lounges – for those who have no real office base. You may occasionally have seen him (or her) passing through your own offices, on the way to some unknown meeting. The modern corporate Lone Ranger has a job title no one is […]

Over the top?

As planes start to taxi down runways, we are already starting to hear of formal inquiries and recriminations with questions being asked about whether mistakes were made and if the official response to volcanic ash was too extreme. I suspect that massive volcanic ash cloud could soon become explosive! It’s so tough in the world […]

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