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Jaluch Culture – Tips from the Team

Leaders – face it! It’s time to tackle the ‘c’ word At Jaluch we think the time has come to face up to the ‘c’ word and challenge employers to take an honest look at how they run their businesses. We’re talking, of course about “culture”. Sexist scandals at giants like Google and Topshop might […]

Fear in the workplace: Lots of blue and pink works on a white background all about change, failure and mistakes

Fear in the workplace

It strikes me that far too many decisions are made in the workplace in response to fear. Fear of: Which of these is your greatest or most frequent fear? Is it on my list? But more importantly, what is the greatest fear of those you manage or work alongside? Do their fears impact how successfully […]

Panic decision making: A woman listens to the angel and the devil stood on her shoulders whispering to her

Panic Decision making

As the candidate market squeezes employers looking for the next great find, is there a danger we sometimes panic and just appoint the best person we can find, whilst our backs are up against the wall? I have certainly experienced this across two decades in business and with hindsight have always come to rue my […]