Hardship at work

Are you having a hard day? Stressed, fed up, under appreciated, picked on, bullied, harassed, under paid, under valued, ill trained, lacking promotion prospects, having to work with someone you detest, irritated by your boss, got a smaller bonus than you wanted, hate the fact that you don’t have a company iPhone, perhaps no pay […]

Networking and relationship building skills

Is career progression about who you know? A recent survey of workers from 1500 firms across five continents, found that the number one hindrance in a person’s career is a poor relationship with superiors. So should we conclude that career progression is not about intelligence, experience, skills, potential, technical know how, charisma, sales technique or […]

Twit twoo

Who’s a moody, misery guts in your business? Yesterday I heard a guy on the radio saying, it’s now possible to monitor the overall daily mood of the world by analysing global tweets on Twitter. So what you might say! But they have also worked out that the Dow Jones index actually responds to the […]