Christmas woes: 20% staff lose sleep worrying about Xmas shopping

christmas woes jaluchFor all your Christmas lovers (and Christmas haters), we thought you might be interested to see some stats from gift app Do you find any of these surprising?

  • 20% have sworn at fellow Christmas shoppers
  • 1 in 10 has resorted to physically shoving fellow Christmas shoppers
  • 3% have actually hit another Christmas shopper
  • 38% have suffered anxiety at the thought of Christmas shopping
  • 20% have lost sleep worrying about Christmas shopping
  • 11% Say the stress of Christmas has made them physically unwell
  • 25% say Christmas shopping causes headaches
  • 8% said Botox would be on their dream Christmas list
  • 5% would like Santa to bring them a facelift

This doesn’t paint a pretty picture does it? But what does this tell employers? In a nutshell between us, we employ a whole mass of aggressive, stressed and vain employees! Or perhaps rather than put the blame on employees, should I ask whether it is the directors and managers who are the worst Christmas shopping offenders?

Clearly, if I was a canny sales woman I would take this opportunity to offer you some stress awareness and stress management training for your staff. But I’m not that canny so I won’t! I would, though, like to have a moan about the staff who endlessly complain about being stressed at work but who do nothing in their private lives to minimise stress or develop strategies to reduce anxiety. It is not employers’ responsibility to pick up the tab for illness caused by stress outside of work when employees do nothing to help themselves, especially when caused by too much shopping and spending money on useless gadgets and frivolities.

A few weeks ago, with nothing to do on a Friday night, I was invited to a Gong Bath. I think everyone should go to a Gong Bath. Someone did ask whether it was a Roman Orgy I was going to, but I promise you it wasn’t! It was an interesting experience and definitely great if you want to de-stress! But aside from Gong Baths what might you be advising your staff at this happy, but very stressful, time of year?

  • What you spend on others does not guarantee you their love or affection for the coming 12 months.
  • If shopping stresses you out, just don’t go out when the stores are full – it’s not worth getting ill over. In fact, online shopping was invented just for people like you.
  • If you ask for Botox or a face lift this Christmas, just be aware that this will not change your personality or how valued you are at work. We actually quite like you as you are.
  • If Christmas stresses you out, take a deep breath and simply stop doing those things that stress you out. No one is going to die of starvation if you don’t have 50 extra mince pies or forgot those mozzarella sticks. No one is going to die of dehydration if you picked up orange juice but forgot the tonic. No one is going to kill you if their present is only half wrapped because you ran out of wrapping paper. Just chill. It’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
  • And finally, try to be aware of how much your stress reduces the enjoyment of Christmas for others. Is that what you want? To stress others out because you place too much pressure on yourself? I doubt it, so be conscious of how you impact others at this busy time of year.

It’s nearly December, I hope you have a stress free build up to Christmas. Enjoy, relax… as surely life is too short not to?

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