Building Confidence with Technology

In-House or Live-Online Coaching and Training

Feeling confident using technology is more important than ever before, with the rise of remote working and the increased use of software for daily tasks, processes and procedures.

If valued employees have fallen behind in their understanding of and confidence with technology, this can lead to under performance, reduced productivity, reduced self-confidence as well as numerous knock-on effects from customer service to staff retention.

We can provide training for teams or one-to-one coaching sessions to develop both know how and confidence for those employees you value and want to support as they develop newfound confidence and competence with technology.

Our fun and engaging style of delivery ensures an environment to bring out the best in even the most uncertain employees. Whether they are starting from scratch, want to learn how to use a piece of software better or just want to improve their overall confidence and engagement with technology, our training or coaching are both great solutions.

Who's this for?

Literally anyone who needs to build confidence with technology. We can work on individuals specific concerns or provide a general overview.

Face-to-face coaching is generally advised for employees that lack confidence with technology and we would normally recommend one-to-one sessions but we can also provide training for teams, but would recommend smaller groups.

Not what you're looking for?

Coaching retainers are available – you can pay for two days per month on an annual contract to steadily up-skill technology confidence across your business. We can also provide coaching, with this same set-up, on any topic that you feel would be of value.

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