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  1. Ian Hay 22 August, 2014 Reply

    There was a time, many years ago, when a lot of the university and college diploma courses were part time. In addition the student either served articles or an apprenticeship or was expected to hold at least a part time job. In this way they had solid training from the ground up, understudying people who themselves were qualified with their own hands-on experience.
    Today students graduate after full time study and their expectation is that they are entitled to a management position immediately without the necessity of first gaining experience through in-house training and accepting advice from those already experienced.
    The “generation gap” is no longer seen as a useful tool for gaining knowledge.

    • Helen 28 August, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Ian for your comments. It is this ‘non acceptance’ of having to learn a job from the ground up and also having the humility to ask for and take advice along the way that is creating problems. Is feedback in schools, colleges and universities so soft that on entering employment, they just cannot adjust to the lack of on-going support and the fact that they will be judged on what they actually do each day?

  2. Diane Walton 28 August, 2014 Reply

    I too offered some constructive advice to a candidate who appeared to be suitable in terms of skill set but where his CV was full of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and a general “couldn’t care less” presentation. As I do a bit of work with students in schools at good CV presentation and interview skills, I felt that if I didn’t point out the things that had led me to discard his CV he would never get past the first post. So I offered him another opportunity to resubmit his CV and when he did he had not corrected the issues but made even more errors in the second submission.

    • Helen 28 August, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Diane. How disheartening. In my business I would say that attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions is a critical skill. Without attention to detail and the ability to do what is asked of us we would have no customers – and rightly so. I don’t mind training this in to our new recruits to a certain extent but there are some mountains just too steep to climb, as I think your and my experience shows.

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