Culture & Diversity Consultancy

Organisations are facing a number of often inter-related issues relating to diversity and organisational culture:

  • Retention of valued staff
  • Creating a culture that will attract the best talent
  • Female leaders and diversity at board and senior management level
  • Generating a more diverse pool of talent in recruitment
  • Closing the gender pay gap

In 2018 Jaluch won a National Employer of the Year Award. In 2015, Helen Jamieson was a finalist in the UK Business Awards Inspirational Leader category. Helen has for over 20 years run her own HR and Training business with a keen focus on culture and employee engagement.

Helen Jamieson, Managing Director of Jaluch, is an expert in organisational culture and diversity consultancy. If you are a business that wants to take a practical, but serious approach to either cultural change or diversity and inclusion from a dynamic, practical but pragmatic consultant, please do contact Helen at Jaluch.

Expertise in:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Business Leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Unconscious bias workshops
  • Gender intelligence training

LinkedIn recommendations:

"Helen's contact details are the ones that every business owner should have in their Rolodex! Her services and advice are so invaluable I find myself recommending her to other CEOs at the end of almost every meeting. She has a finely tuned aptitude to drill down into any problem you may be having and offers well-thought-out and effective advice on how to resolve it. Her people skills are second to none and this resonates throughout her whole company. Her no nonsense approach combined with her dedication to raising up other female owned businesses makes her a true tour de force. Working with Helen makes you realise that if you put your people at the centre of your business, like she does, then you can achieve anything."

Meredith O’shaughnessy

“I attended one of Jaluch’s seminars about unconscious bias yesterday and must admit I was blown away. The subject matter was very interesting, engaging and the links to the commercial world were eye-opening. I attend many of these sorts of seminars and must say that Helen’s presentation style really stood out, she was brilliant. I would highly recommend attending one of these seminars if you get the chance, or Helen herself.”

Daniel Wale

"I assisted Helen in her efforts to expand Jaluch into the Saudi market. I was impressed with the determination and tact with which Helen approached this complex market. She displayed a profound level of cultural awareness and quickly adapted to local business practices. It is evident that Helen is passionate about Jaluch and truly believes in her company's ability to add value to its clients. Her sincere and efficient approach to doing business and her infectious enthusiasm made working with her a truly enjoyable experience."

Ayesha Haider

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