Data Protection (GDPR)

Help & Support for Employers

With the enactment of new legislation in 2018 the UKs laws on data protection changed dramatically as did the penalties for failure to protect data or comply with the law.

Just in one week in July 2019 British Airways was expected to face a fine of £183million for losing records as a result of being hacked (website visitors were fraudulently diverted by a hacker to another site and personal data harvested) and Marriott Hotels fined £99 Million for losing the personal records of 339million guests, including their passport details and dates of birth. Interestingly the hacked records were taken from Sarwood, two years before it was acquired by Marriott so effectively Marriott have been penalised for not being aware of the hack at the point of purchase.

The fines are serious and all businesses need to know that they are as protected as they can be from data breaches or data loss. So what can Jaluch do to support you?


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