Disciplinary and Grievance Support

Help & Advice for Employers

Do you need support with grievance and disciplinary investigations, hearings or dismissals? We can help...

Managing the people in your organisation, whether employees, workers or even the self-employed can be stressful, time-consuming and complicated.

If errors occur during the process it is easy to find yourself on the wrong (and expensive) end of a grievance or employment tribunal claim. In fact, you can find yourself on the wrong end of grievance claim at any point, disciplinary action is just one trigger for a grievance.

We can work with you to reduce the stresses and strains.

Some organisations ask us to train managers so they can deal with disciplinaries and grievances internally, some like us to take issues on in their entirety, other times we slot in and out as resource and/or expertise is required. We are as flexible and adaptable as each of our clients needs.

How Jaluch can help:


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