Do all HR Managers deserve more money?

When you read about and see the complex people problems HR managers have to deal with, you really have to wonder if they should be paid more than anyone else. Sometimes you couldn’t make it all up, what employees get up to, what they fail to learn, what chaos they land themselves in.

It’s a never ending tough day in the office for HR staff who really are so constrained by endless policy and procedure when all we want to do sometimes is stamp our foot, say ‘you’re fired’ and march them right out the front door, never to set eyes on them again!

So this week is another week, another HR disaster… should we laugh or should we cry? What’s that song about feeling like a rat upon a wheel? I think the Kaiser Chiefs sang it.

I have read about:

  • A Facebook rant that has landed a US expat in the UAE in jail for breach of cyber slander laws after he ranted about both his employer and life in the UAE – did he forget they have Facebook in the UAE too?
  • Three British judges fired for accessing on work computers the naughtiest of internet sites – what were they thinking and do they really not have enough to do in the day?
  • The lovely wife of a boss accidentally setting fire to staff wages after storing them for safekeeping in her wood burning stove at home – the price of warm toes heh?
  • An employee who stole thousands of pounds worth of shoes by walking home in a brand new pair every night (I never did read about whether she always came to work barefoot)
  • A paramedic sacked for taking selfies with dead patients (absolutely unbelievable).

And the reason HR managers should be paid so much is:

  • Trying to sort out the truth from the lies can be an endless nightmare. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone
  • It’s hardly career enhancing when you have to tackle yet another director about why they failed to follow procedure or why they think the rules only apply to others
  • Mopping up employee tears and dealing with their emotional trauma as a result of getting caught out, can be emotionally draining
  • Making sound decisions with the unions, the bosses and the law at your back can be nigh on impossible sometimes
  • The potential for confrontation which we human beings often desperately try to avoid is enormous, each and every day
  • The Human Rights Act has a lot to answer for in respect of giving employees wriggle room for many a misdemeanour
  • The Data Protection Act denies us much of the information we need to make sound and fair decisions
  • It’s a thankless task because just as soon as you have sorted our employee #1, employee #2 walks through the door with yet more chaos, mayhem and misconduct for you to deal with.

A rat upon a wheel barely begins to describe it!

Are you in HR and not paid enough for the hassle you get? Are you not in HR and think HR are paid too little or too much? All thoughts and ideas and strong opinions welcomed of course!


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