Effective Delegation and Planning Training

Face-to-Face or Live-Online Training

With ever dwindling resources, the opportunity to “grow” the number of hours in your business by improving your team’s ability to manage a busy workload might be just what the doctor ordered! This one-day course is designed to provide an opportunity for delegates to take a close look at how they currently spend their working time, what helps and hinders them, how they can avoid backlogs of work, and how to identify where best to focus their energies for maximum efficiency.

As with all of our courses, we will work with you to create the perfect course to fit your organisational needs but below you will find an example agenda...

Course Content:

  • Managing interruptions effectively
  • Identifying the “high payoff” areas
  • Setting goals and targets
  • Recognising the role of forward planning in managing time and reducing “urgent” tasks
  • Dealing with time “thieves” through delegating properly, developing appropriate assertiveness skills and developing a disciplined approach to work
  • Creating a personal time management system

What will delegates learn?

  • How to increase productivity
  • How to improve team working
  • How to reduce stress
  • How to develop skills down the management chain

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to discover how to avoid backlogs of work and identify where best to focus their energies for maximum efficiency. We are able to pitch this course to all levels, in all sectors, whether that be private, public or the charitable sector.

This course can be run on a one-to-one basis at a reduced rate or at standard rate for groups of up to 12 delegates.

Why Choose Jaluch?

We have over 16 years' experience in providing unique, bespoke and trusted training. We pride ourselves on having great trainers and combine this with highly relevant material and methods of delivery that are all designed to suit your individual business needs. We will always make sure delegates understand how our training translates into the workplace and how it aligns to your business goals.

We want our training to be enjoyable, so we don't make you sit through 'death by PowerPoint' and our style of delivery is always lively and engaging with maximum interaction and minimum lecture! From experience, we understand this is the only way to inspire delegates so that learning is truly embedded and not just forgotten a few days later.

Questions About This Course?

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