Employment Tribunal Support

Employment Tribunal Support for Employers

If the thought of an employment tribunal claim landing on your desk throws you into despair or you are currently losing sleep over an employee relations issue which may well lead to one, help is at hand.

At Jaluch, we have a wealth of experience and for around half the price of your average solicitor we can provide expert support in handling Employment Tribunal claims including:

  • Advising on the nature of claims
  • Supporting through the Early Conciliation process with ACAS
  • Drafting the responses (ET3’s) and dealing with subsequent paperwork
  • Helping you to plan your strategy for defending the claim
  • Giving our opinion as to the likelihood of success and possible costs
  • Liaising with ACAS, the Tribunal, or the Claimant on your behalf


Employment Tribunal support for employers

So if you are faced with a tribunal claim to respond to or if you think that the process you are following may well lead to a claim (some employees make no secret of it) then get in touch and let us take some of the strain for you.

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