An example to us all……

In this day and age when fantastic leadership is seemingly paramount to help us dig our way out of the economic mire we are in, it is interesting to note that when certain of our esteemed political leaders are criticised for participating in legal daylight robbery in respect of their expense claims, their typical recourse is to respond that they were only acting within the rules.

I wasn’t really aware before this that one of the characteristics of a great leader is someone who knows how to retreat behind the rule book whenever life gets tough.

You have also got to be somewhat gobsmacked that whilst employers are required to adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the law when managing staff, our politicians who wrote the rule book on expenses themselves, do not seem to think it important to pay themselves within the spirit of their own rules.

But who cares about politicians anyway……for what I really wanted to ask is: if you are a leader yourself, when did you last re-evaluate your own leadership skills? And if you look back on the past month, can you identify at least one thing you have done that has demonstrated to your staff that you are a true leader, or have they been left with the impression that you are simply a wrinkly old has been?

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