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Wellbeing Sessions for Desk Workers

Awareness through Movement - Feldenkrais Method

Physical aches and pains can affect your mood, behaviour and ability to think. This is why also thinking about physical health is really important when looking at employee wellbeing.

These online sessions will take participants through a series of movements and stretches, that will banish stiff necks, sore shoulders, aching backs and tired eyes

Delivered by an experienced posture and ergonomic specialist who works with those of us who sit at desks and use screens intensively.

Using the Feldenkrais® Method, the session is based around exercises, stretches and breathing techniques to retrain functional movement for long lasting change. A great opportunity to find out how to feel more comfortable or tackle those nagging aches and pains commonly caused by working habits.

Session Format

  • Online via Zoom - please ensure you have a working webcam and mic. Your webcam will need to be turned on during the session so the trainer can guide you.
  • You will be seated or standing at your desk/table, but please make sure you have enough space behind you to take a few steps backward. 3 metres is ideal.

Practitioner Profile

Feldenkrais® practitioner

During his final university exams in 1995, Parsons developed writer’s cramp (a repetitive strain injury - RSI). He explored many different ways to deal with this problem until he found the solution and healed himself with the Feldenkrais® Method. Along the way he became a certified Shiatsu therapist and Pilates teacher, and expert in yoga, massage, Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Ben certified as a Feldenkrais® practitioner in 2016, studying for 800 hours over four years.

wellbeing sessions for desk workers

Session Options

♡ Better posture at the sitting workstation.

♡ Relax and mobilise stiff shoulders.

♡ A supple and strong back.

♡ Freeing the neck  &  ‘Zoom’ eye relief (combined).

♡ Balance stress and relaxation in busy working schedules.

♡ Preventing or avoiding ‘mouse-hand’, ‘phone-thumb’ and other work-related, overuse conditions.

How it works

All of the sessions above can be booked as 30 or 50-minute individual 'one-off' sessions but for maximum benefit, we recommend booking 3-6 topics and running the sessions weekly/monthly.

Previous Session Feedback

"The therapy eased the tension in my neck within 45 minutes of my 1-hour Zoom session. Not only did the exercise work but I have learned the concept of Feldenkrais (self-awareness through movement). I took away some useful tips and suggestions for me to take away and practice at home. I would recommend this to anyone with an ache or stiffness in their body."

"I wanted to try one of this sessions because I suffer with neck and shoulder pain, I also know that my posture isn't good. I seem to slouch and be more aware of the aches by the end of the working day. After a 50-minute session with Ben, I was visibly sitting up straighter and I could move my shoulder without any discomfort. I wasn't sure how well this type of session would work using Zoom, but all of the exercises and movements worked perfectly online. These sessions are a must for office workers that suffer with any tension or pain issues."

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