How great is your body

I read an interesting article this week on how leaders need to be aware of, and use their bodies to lead!

Other than where the imagination takes you on this theme – with whichever leader you know who springs to mind! I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a few lighthearted reminders on ‘body leadership’:

Reminder No. 1 – Don’t let your Facebook profile undermine you! No. 16756651

Reminder No. 2 – Try not to let your wild side out too much at work – it freaks the staff out! No. 2930132

Reminder No. 3 – Whatever your mood, remember there will always be someone watching you, with camera at hand and ready access to the company intranet! No. 12160017

Reminder No. 4 – Be assertive by all means, but do go easy on the eye contact! No. 3885633

Reminder No. 5 – You’ve got to look in control No. 1150501

Reminder No. 6 – Try not to look as though you haven’t a clue what you’re doing! No. 15919090

Reminder No. 7 – Its probably best to keep the silly stuff to a minimum! No. 25966947

Reminder No. 8 – Don’t go overboard when dressing for the Xmas party, cute might look good on the day, but by 2nd January you might look like a right eejit! No. 2668853

Reminder No. 9 – Leadership is great, dictatorship, not so great! No. 16381616

Reminder No. 10 – Might be worth checking in the mirror each morning to see if you look fit for purpose! No. 748133

And for support with all the other fascinating leadership skills such as the ability to communicate, motivate, listen, respond, show empathy and look to the future, why not call us to discuss a creative, engaging and innovative leadership programme?!

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