Are You on Trend With L&D?

Welcome to this HR Blast. Have you had a good week? All of us at Jaluch hope so, as surely life is too short to be miserable at work!

This week we take a brief look at training trends. These have changed enormously since 2010, but not all organisations have taken the time to stop and review.

The Background

L&D trends have been changing in recent years. But is the way you purchase and roll out training still ‘on trend’? When did you last review what you do and whether it is as effective as you would like?

According to a number of reports across the past few years, organisations are spending less and less with outsourced training providers and instead opting to run more training in-house. Is this what you are doing?

Trends Jaluch has observed

At Jaluch the trends we have seen in recent years across our 350 or so clients include:

  • An overall reduction in outsourced training due to:
    • ongoing cost control measures
    • desire for increased flexibility around delivery – especially a desire to roll out short, bite size sessions
    • concerns around the credibility of external trainers
    • increased focus on return on investment
  • A significant increase in requests for pre-prepared/bespoke training materials to achieve:
    • greater cost effectiveness
    • improved time efficiency when rolling out training
    • greater control over what is delivered and by who
    • flexible delivery in bite size learning sessions
  • A dramatic increase in one to one coaching in order to:
    • address individual (rather than group) learning and development needs
    • respond to an interest in developing potential, as much as developing skills
    • minimise the number of ‘sheep dipping’ programmes that every employee is put through
    • deliver very specific, tailored development options
    • ensure time efficiency
    • provide a cost-effective and timely means of managing staff demonstrating discipline or performance issues
  • A continued love affair with e-learning due to:
    • its time efficiency, rather than its popularity!
    • its cost efficiency (although looks can sometimes be deceiving!)
    • its accessibility
    • the ease provided by LMS technology around reporting, analysis of learning time etc.
  • A huge increase in demand for 6+ day programmes run over 6+ months prompted by:
    • A desire for fewer stand-alone training events that are not linked/joined up and in line with the overall strategy
    • A desire for more ‘joined up’ training
    • A desire for programmes that provide time for learning to be implemented in between sessions… learn… practice… learn…. practice… learn etc.
    • A general increase in interest in developing management and leadership skill, coupled with an overall reduction in interest in developing the soft skills of non-managerial staff

Moving with the times

Three years ago, in anticipation of some of these trends, Jaluch invested £100K into developing many of our existing courses (delivered many hundreds of times to clients across the years) into training kits that in-house and self-employed trainers can use with the minimum of effort and fuss.

We call our training kits Bags of Learning. Our kits include all you need to deliver great courses including comprehensive trainer notes, presentation slides, delegate handouts plus all you need to deliver the exercises such as balls, game cards, felt pads etc.

Our training kits are: 

  • Extremely cost effective and designed to maximise ROI
  • Modular, allowing you to deliver training hour by hour if you wish to do so
  • Written in plain English
  • Designed to be delivered by either managers or HR and training staff.
  • Accessible online so that trainers can print trainers notes and delegates handouts wherever they are in the UK or wider world
  • Blended learning in their approach, incorporating self-learning, group learning, learning by discussion, digital learning etc.
  • Flexible. Our licence approach is perfect, enabling you to roll out one course this year and an entirely different one next year. Or why not pay a bit extra so that you ‘borrow’ each course for just 6 months before returning it and then beginning with a new course?

Click here to visit our training store.

A quote from by Deloitte (2015) – (well worth the read if you can access a copy)

“Budget allocations for outsourced services have seen a 27 percentage point decrease since 2009. This decrease, which is reported in the UK Corporate Learning Factbook 2016 is a strong indicator that L&D practitioners have become increasingly confident bringing training initiatives back in-house.”

Jaluch Training

With nearly 14 years on the clock (!), Jaluch training is well known for its effectiveness, for being engaging and motivating for delegates, for being challenging when required, and for making it fun and relevant in line with business requirements. Our training services include:

  • Workshop and classroom style training programmes.
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Pre-prepared, ready to use training kits (incorporating blended learning)
  • e-learning (unconscious bias)
  • Seminars and presentations for Away Days/board meetings etc.
  • Provision of profiles and assessments such as insights, psychometric profiling, emotional intelligence, general intelligence assessment, leadership 360.
  • Train the trainer courses and support for managers and those new to training.

8 Tough Training Questions for your Organisation

Out with Old and in with the New

1. If you continue to use the training provider you have always used, how do you know what else is out there, what’s new etc.? Is it time to challenge yourself on who provides the best training solutions, rather than stick with who feels familiar?

2. Are you one of those organisations that continues to put more of your training budget into tick box/sheep dipping training than any other kind of training? If so, is it time to think again?

3. Internal trainers are increasingly needing to oversee and project manage training that is delivered by others. Do they have the skills to do this and is this changed role what they actually want for themselves? In some organisations, it might be worth reviewing how the training roles are changing and what new skill sets and competencies are required.

Decision Making

4. If the people responsible for deciding what training is needed and for identifying suppliers of that, is it possible that a degree of Group Think is at work? It requires a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, with different interests and skills and competencies to come up with great solutions, rather than solutions that are just good.

5. Whilst a decision might have been made a few years ago to spend the majority of your training budget on e-learning, is it time this decision was reviewed? Training is so much more than just building knowledge or ticking boxes, but why not take some time to question what purpose/s training really serves in your organisation.

6. It never ceases to amaze us how people select the cheapest provider whilst admitting they already know that what will be delivered will be sub-standard or not as great as they might wish it to be. Commercial awareness is not about choosing the cheapest option but about choosing the option that will deliver the best value for money.

The Delegates

7. In developing staff, have you neglected to develop your top team? If you do develop your top team, do you allow them to wriggle and squiggle their way out of attending it or if they do attend it, arriving on time, leaving when it has finished rather than part way through and all in all, taking it seriously?

8. How often do you let one delegate ruin the learning experience for others? Do you just accept that there will always be one person in the room seeking to derail the learning? Is it time to take a tough stance on these individuals – whatever their level of seniority?

What delegates say about Jaluch Training

“A world of insight, made ready and accessible”
Luke Hart, GphC

“Really good to have a subject matter expert!!”
Angus Dunbar – WDS Global

“Lovely variety of methods: working alone, in a group, working without the trainer, with the trainer: great!”
Zoe Griffiths – Visit London

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