The most popular Blasts and blogs: 2014

Welcome to this HR blast. Across 2014 we have written on many topics and often get feedback relating to how these short topics, written in plain English, help to clarify employment issues.

No doubt though you have all been on holiday at some point this year, or otherwise been far too busy to read and have missed a few. Therefore in this Blast, we are delighted to provide links to:

The 10 most popular HR Blasts of the year

  1. Dismissing staff with short service
  2. E-cigarette mayhem in the workplace
  3. Can’t sack him he’s stressed
  4. Employment Law update
  5. Tips for employers – effective interviewing
  6. Unconscious Bias
  7. It’s the final straw – disciplining long serving staff
  8. Managing change against the tide
  9. Bad attitude? Performance or misconduct
  10. Staff reps: challenges and benefits

Our six most read blogs

  1. HR humour – quit your navel-gazing and raise your game!
  2. Tribunal decision making falls to new low
  3. Pastafarians – time wasters or life enhancers?
  4. Recruitment vs dismissal
  5. Shh! Employee relaxing… it’s holiday time

A couple of the most popular, humorous Tweets (to lighten the mood) 

Google workers living in California parking lot: 3 free meals a day and showers in the gym!

Boss sacked for making employee give him a piggyback, what unreasonable demands do you make of your staff?

The office where you can go work dressed as a wizard or a ninja! Company benefits that will surprise you the most

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