Health & wellbeing – helplines and useful articles for staff

Interested in the wellbeing of your staff? Why not issue them with some helpline information? Perhaps they are struggling caring for an elderly or sick relative, have a teenager self harming or threatening suicide, have a sibling dealing with the aftermath of a stillbirth, a neighbour who is being threatened with a forced marriage, a marriage breakdown following financial insecurities, a partner who isn’t coping well after being made redundant, or perhaps they themselves have an eating or anxiety disorder.

All of these issues – and plenty others – worry people and the anxiety and stress they feel as a result is then brought into work affecting both their wellbeing and productivity and no doubt in turn the wellbeing and productivity of any colleagues they turn to for support.

But many of these issues are way outside both the comfort zone and skill set of the HR and leadership team, so perhaps a few helplines or suggested articles can be used to gently point your employees in the direction of appropriate support?

We have a provided a list of all the relevant helplines below and also attached a PDF if you wish to issue it to staff. Simply click the icon and you will be redirected to the PDF which you have download and save.

Forced Marriage – Abuse

A charity that offers helpline support to those who are victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage. Supported 70,000 people in the years they have been operating (since 2008).


Parents helpline if your children are self-harming.

Financial Help for Cancer Sufferers

Help with sight loss

What do you do if you suspect FGM (female genital mutilation)

FGM is child abuse and it is against UK law. If you suspect a child has or is about to experience FGM phone the NSPCC for advice about how to report it or otherwise contact your GP for advice and information about how to report it.

Support for men and boys who have been raped

Help victims of male sexual abuse as well as their friends and family. An estimated 12000 men are raped in the UK each year so if this has happened to you, you need to not feel alone and unsupported.

Self-support for anxiety

CBT is a great tool recommended by many GPS to support with a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety.

Helping develop numeracy in your team (or develop your own confidence with numbers)

In 2011 just 22% of the adults in the UK had a GCSE grade C or above in maths.

Help with reading and writing/literacy skills for adults

2.5M people in the UK struggle with reading so don’t feel you are the only one!

In 2011 just 44% of UK adults had a GCSE grade C or above in English.

Support after Rape

Supporting those experiencing hearing loss

Newly diagnosed with diabetes


Getting fit/starting to exercise – the famous Couch to 5K app


Supporting someone with a brain injury


Help with Debt


Support on issues for disabled people and their families

Drug and alcohol addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction can signpost you to organisations offering addiction treatment.

Are you dependent on alcohol? Take the test:


Dealing with a diagnosis of autism (article)



Palliative, neurological and bereavement support – online community.

Single Parent Families

Eating Disorders

Dealing with Extremism


Stillbirth or neonatal death

Child Being bullied

Bullying forum to share stories.

Chronic illness

An article on handling the isolation that comes from chronic illness.

As an employer you cannot support all your employees with all their health and wellbeing issues. Sometimes you just need to know when to refer them on. But not everyone is great at asking for help, so by issuing this information to your staff you might just prompt a few to go and seek out the specific support they need.

If there are great sites you have come across providing free or very low cost support for people experiencing family, friend or personal issues such as those above, please do let us know and we will add to this list. Thank you.

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