Employment Documentation

Contracts, Handbooks and Policies

We can’t over emphasise the importance of protecting both your business, your managers and your staff through putting in place practical and professional documentation such as contracts of employment and employment policies.

You would probably be surprised by how many organisations neglect to sort the paperwork. But you probably wouldn’t be surprised by how much that can then cost those organisations in both time and money when employee issues arise.

Across the many years of our experience at Jaluch there are always employees, contractors or job applicants who create issues or make complaints, so please don’t be complacent about the need to protect yourself and set standards.

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Employment handbooks, contracts, policy and procedure documents

If you need bespoke documents drafted or updated please call us for a quote.

We are cheaper and faster than your average employment solicitor. Plus, your documents will be written in plain English - so both your managers and staff can easily understand what is required.

As a low-cost alternative, take a look at our template document website Docs Wizard.  There is a wide selection of template contracts and polices, along with letters and other documents to help you manage employees. We have two annual membership options, essential - £199 and premium - £499 (+VAT).

"Jaluch supported us through a difficult and sensitive situation, drafted us very professionally written letters and I look forward to working with them again in the future." 
Tina Brown Chief Executive School Business Services
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