HR Health Check (Audit)

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hr health checkAn HR health check (HR audit) from Jaluch provides an opportunity to take stock, identify any risks and understand priorities.

Jaluch offers a number of different HR health checks depending on your focus: HR and legal compliance; employee relations; learning and development and HR infrastructure and function.

HR & Legal Compliance Health Check

We take a three way look at HR and legal compliance:

  1. Gathering and reviewing current written information and documentation (including contracts and policies).
  2. Understanding how employees are being managed on a day to day basis within the framework of your employee documentation, including identifying any inconsistencies or areas of non compliance.
  3. Identifying in relation to both your sector and legal requirements, any omissions, errors, skills or knowledge gaps and reporting opportunities.

The information we will be asking you for will include copies of contracts and polices/handbook, recruitment documents, pensions information, employee risk assessment forms, induction documents, data breach records, payroll data such as how sickness, maternity, holidays etc are calculated, identity documents, select training records (e.g. relating to first aiders).

Our first step is to review the data and information you have in your business alongside your management practices, our second step is to analyse and ask the necessary questions and our third step is to compile a comprehensive report for you with our summary of understanding and recommendations. Where required, as part of this process we can work directly with your HR team, payroll staff, pensions administrators, H&S team, Directors and legal function (if you have an internal one).

Employee Relations Health Check

We take a look at key indicators of employee relations such as staff turnover, content and number of grievance and disciplinary issues, levels of sickness and unauthorised absence, overtime levels, legal claims, staff survey data, exit interview information, staff representative feedback etc.

Our first step is to identify the data and information you have in your business, our second step is to analyse and ask the necessary questions and our third step is to compile a comprehensive report for you with our summary of understanding and recommendations. Where required , as part of this process we can work directly with staff representatives or we can conduct an employee survey of wellbeing/morale.

Learning and Development Health Check

Your audit will take a broad approach to L&D. We are likely to want to speak to your HR/L&D staff, a select number of staff from across the organisation, a select number of external trainers (if you use any) and a few of your managers and directors.  Occasionally we may also want to speak to one of your employee representatives.

We would also like to see any relevant staff survey or performance review data relating to training, any training records you keep, exit interview or similar information relating to training, understand any qualification requirements, current training spend, any return on investment measurements for training and of course, your Strategy, challenges and expectations in relation to L&D.

HR Infrastructure and Function Health Check

Whether you are just in the process of creating an HR function or whether it is time to assess whether the HR Function you already have is structured or resourced correctly, we can carry out an audit of both functioning and need for you.

Looking at the set up of the HR Function, the organisational structure, the skill set and competencies of the team, the training needs of existing team members, job outlines of HR roles to be recruited for, changing sector and industry needs and current and future HR trends, we dig as deep as you would like us to. This audit is multi faceted and as wide ranging as you would like it to be. A great way to re-evaluate what you do and how you do it to ensure you are fit for purpose for the coming months and years.

Key areas covered:

In addition to any relevant business or industry-specific areas, the HR health check can cover:

❤️Recruitment & induction processes
❤️Benefits & compensation
❤️Contracts, handbooks & policies
❤️Performance appraisals & job evaluations
❤️Training & development programmes
❤️Communications strategy
❤️HR strategy
❤️Exit procedures

A health check can also include an employee opinion survey, which is fantastic for getting real feedback on staff thoughts and feelings about the business and can be used as a tool for generating new ideas.

HR health check benefits

An audit benefits the business in numerous ways, depending on the particular focus of each audit. It can be a great starting point for establishing future HR strategy, identifying projects and priorities, critical success areas and time and resource “eaters”, and can help to break down the vast area of HR and employment issues into usable information and manageable targets.

Are you in need of a HR Health Check? For an informal discussion about your HR audit needs, call us on 01425 479888 or use the contact us button below.

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