Employee Representatives Support

Jaluch has been supporting organisations set up and develop their employee (staff) forums for over 23 years.

Our delight is that every group we work with is so different in terms of culture, needs, maturity (how long established) and goals. Working with staff representatives is definitely some of the most varied work we do and across 20+ years we have worked with a lot of groups in hundreds organisations. Some return to us year after year for training for their representatives or to re-invigorate the committee they have.

Our services include:

Development of the forum remit/constitution.

Support with the election of representatives.

TUPE training for employee representatives.

Redundancy training for employee representatives.

Employee representative training (to bring a group together and give them the tools to become effective in their role).

Training kit for in-house employee representative training (training delivered by you).

Online open courses, if you have just a few reps that need training.

Short videos to aid communication across your employee base (read more about our videos below).

Supporting reps who are required to support at internal disciplinary or grievance hearings.


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Employee representatives videos

We have three videos to support your representative forum/employee committee. The videos answer questions that so many representatives ask and also provide an opportunity to easily ensure that all employees and new starters are aware of your employee forum. The videos cover:

  • Introducing the representative forum to new staff during induction.
  • Informing staff about the need for an election to select new representatives and the process.
  • Explaining the employee representative role for those who are interested in getting elected.

Our videos can be used on their own but are also a great add-on to our face-to-face or virtual employee representatives training courses.

Play the video above to learn more about what each video covers, or get in-touch for more info.

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