Equality Impact Assessments

Seldom talked about and not much read about, all public sector organisations should be conducting EIAs. Otherwise known as Equality Impact Assessments.

EIAs, a statutory duty for public sector organisations, are enshrined in the Public Sector Equality Duties (came into force in 2011).

EIAs are all about striving for the elimination of discrimination, harassment and victimisation. They were brought in with a view to helping organisations identify what practices/behaviours might be affecting different groups of people working in the organisation and different ways to achieve greater equality. A key aim therefore is to ensure that equality considerations are reflected in the design of policies and the delivery of services.

If you need to carry out an EIA, Jaluch is able to support with training for your EIA assessors and support with your EIA as required.

Please don’t feel this is too onerous or complicated as we can guide and support you throughout the process.

Our clients year after year comment on how fair our pricing is. 100% last year who responded to our annual survey also said they would recommend us to others. We speak plain English, we don’t over complicate things and to tap into our team of great consultants.

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