TUPE Advice & Guidance

TUPE (Transfer of undertakings) is a very common occurrence in business, whether its an acquisition, merger, or simply transferring one part or unit of a business to another one (such as when a facilities management contract passes from one contractor to another at the end of the contract term).

It's an almost daily occurrence for us at Jaluch, which is just as well for you, as the law is exceedingly complicated at times.

So don’t feel it has to be all on your shoulders or that there is no one to turn to for support as Jaluch can work with you on this…

TUPE Advice for Employers


TUPE is complicated and horrible but we’re here to help. Friendly support and explanations delivered in plain English. No horror stories or fear selling, just down to earth support when you need it. Complete the enquiry form and one of the team will get back to you.


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