Is Lethargy in Your Business a Hidden Killer?

I find it so exciting when I meet businesses with a healthy shot of oomph. The day always seems so much brighter. In contrast, my mood dips and I find it so dispiriting when I come across the opposite.

I see the dictionary suggests various words for the opposite of oomph: apathy, lethargy, indifference, inactivity, dullness, tired, laziness, inertia, doldrums and drowsiness. Flaccidity too!

Do any of your teams’ tick any of these ‘opposite of oomph’ boxes? Go on… list the teams in your business and give them a rating.

In reality, if there is no oomph you are under attack from an invisible business killer. It’s like having a green lawn but only on closer inspection you realise moss and clover have taken over. Or having a beautiful rose only to find it’s knee deep (is that possible for a rose?) in green fly and dying a pitiful death. Does your business require closer examination to check for the business equivalent of moss, clover and greenfly?

A ‘complete absence of oomph’ is a business killer! ‘Lost our oomph’ is a potential business killer. ‘Don’t care about oomph’ probably means you’re in the wrong job and it’s time to move on.

So, what’s your own personal oomph rating?

A lack of oomph in a business often correlates with low productivity, high staff absence, low morale, poor customer service, a lack of innovation, stagnant or falling sales, drab marketing materials, reduced quality of product or service, poor retention of outstanding performers, high retention of under performers and low returns for shareholders… to name just a few!

High oomph or, if you prefer, an abundance of oomph pretty much results in the opposite. A high energy business has focus, drives sales growth, innovates, attracts and retains good staff, delivers great quality pretty much all of the time. And staff love to work in a business that is on the up, that is creative, innovative, that wins awards, that gets praise from customers on social media… after all, who in life doesn’t naturally want to be on the winning team?

I could go on here to give you a few ideas for reinvigorating your business oomph, but I won’t! If you’re interested you can come and talk to me! But I will leave you with three questions and quotes:

  1. What percentage of staff with high oomph do you need for oomph to infuse your whole business with energy and enthusiasm?
  2. Who is the greatest oomph sapper in your business and why do you put up with them?
  3. “The magic in life only happens outside your comfort zone”.

Have a great week!


Want to tell me about your moss, clover and greenfly? Go on, get it off your chest! Be bold, be brave… you know where the comments box is!

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