Management & Leadership Development Programmes

Our leadership and management development programmes are specifically designed to provide practical, commercial, experiential training to allow you to see immediate, tangible results in the leadership and management capabilities of your teams.

The aim of leadership and management development training is to increase productivity of the staff through motivating and developing the managers. With an increase in a manager’s capability and confidence, their ability to develop their team to increase performance and implement strategies increases. Key benefits of management development include an increase in productivity, a reduction in workplace conflicts and an increase in staff retention through employee engagement.

All of our courses are delivered by highly experienced business managers, who are able to offer a comprehensive training, incorporating elements such as:

  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Interactive development plans
  • Ongoing email/telephone support between training sessions
  • Online discussion forums for delegates

Course Content:

You have the freedom to create a completely bespoke programme, choosing modules appropriate to your managers’ requirements and the organisation’s needs, you can choose how and when the modules are delivered, whether it be 12 sessions spread over a year, or just a few workshops spread over 18 months – it is entirely up to you!

Here are some examples of course content that have proven popular with our clients:


  • Introduction to Leadership
  • People Management
  • Employment Law Essentials
  • Team Development
  • Planning, Delegation & Time Management
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Dealing with Conflict
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Accountability
  • Advanced Communication & Collaboration skills
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • Introduction to Management
  • Performance Management
  • Stress Management
  • Colourwise Profiling
  • Planning, Delegation & Time Management
  • Recruitment
  • Accountability
  • Advanced Communication & Collaboration skills
  • Managing Wellbeing

Who should attend?

Managers or leaders who would like to develop essential skills and confidence to perform their role effectively.

This programme can be pitched at different levels for line managers, middle managers, senior or board members.

Why choose Jaluch?

We have over 16 years' experience in providing unique, bespoke and trusted leadership and management development programmes. We pride ourselves on having great trainers and combine this with highly relevant material and methods of delivery that are all designed to suit your individual business needs. We will always make sure delegates understand how our training translates into the workplace and how it aligns to your business goals.

We want our training to be enjoyable, our style of delivery is always lively and engaging with maximum interaction and minimum lecture! From experience, we understand this is the only way to inspire delegates so that learning is truly embedded and not just forgotten a few days later.

"We have been working with Jaluch to develop and deliver our in-house management development programmes that cover all the soft skills that we require from our managers and supervisors. Our foundation course in Fundamentals in Management & Leadership has been received extremely well across our business platforms. From the three modules, delegates are provided with key takeaway materials, tools and techniques that not just inspire them, but allow them to implement into their daily working lives.

Jaluch themselves really have got to know our business and understand our people and culture. Their trainers are enthusiastic and full of energy and Jaluch have a flexible approach and nothing is too much trouble for them….even last minute changes."

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