Absence Support for Employers

The questions we get asked about absence and attendance are numerous and far ranging in terms of breadth of topics raised.

Can I require an employee who is off sick to attend a meeting regarding their continued absence? Is there a level of absence that should trigger an investigation or a meeting? How do I manage a sick employee who wants to return to work early, ignoring medical advice?

Managing ill health issues is challenging for even experienced managers and HR professionals. But you don’t have to go it alone as Jaluch has been supporting organisations with absence and attendance issues for 17 or more years.

Our style is practical, commercial and plain English. Let us help you to get to the bottom of what is going on, help you come up with a plan of how to manage it and then support you throughout the process. Our Jauch team can support with:

  • Providing support to HR, directors or the line manager behind the scenes
  • Drafting letters and, where needed, absence policies and procedures
  • Note taking at meetings or occasionally even chairing meetings with employees
  • Writing letters to doctors and occupational health as needed

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“Knowing that you have access to expert and up to date advice in all areas of HR is very reassuring. Complex situations arise unexpectedly and Jaluch have provided us with an excellent support service for many years.”

Julie Palmer Office Manager/Company Secretary Lab Impex Systems
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