Managing Performance

Help & Support for Employers

So often the area that is most challenging for managers is that of managing the day to day performance of staff, especially when dealing with under-performers, those who believe they are more competent or experienced than they actually are and those who react badly to even hints of ‘if perhaps you could try this instead…’

But fears about conflict, confrontation, difficult discussions, counter claims of bullying, how do I manage a formal conversation etc can be enormously reduced with support from our team of friendly, plain speaking HR Consultants:


“We continue to use Jaluch as they have steered us into calm water from a few out ‘of the comfort zone’ HR situations. They have also given invaluable advice regards job contracts, formalising communications and generally making our business a more HR compliant place to enjoy work and avoid miscommunication, and bad situations developing into litigious nightmares."

Angus McKenzine Managing Director Kimbo

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Jaluch as a HR provider. Over a number of years their advisors have provided advice on a number of HR topics from general policies and proactive HR recommendations to handling specific situations whether urgent or planned.”

Keith Watson Operations Director Fleet Tutors