Personal Accountability at Work

Face-to-face or live-online training

Accountability is a key competence sought by many organisations. Accountability is a desire to take responsibility for results; a bias towards action. It is an attitude, a personal, private, non-negotiable choice about how to live your life. This interactive and practical personal accountability training course uses examples of real life workplace situations to identify areas that create a lack of accountability and build skills and behaviours for managers to improve personal accountability in their people.

As with all of our courses, we will work with you to create the perfect course to fit your organisational needs but below you will find an example agenda...

Course Content:

  • Defining what we mean by accountability at work
  • Identifying why so many employees do not demonstrate or embrace accountability
  • Exploring the impact on the organisation when staff lack accountability
  • Recognising what an employee who does demonstrate accountability looks like
  • Identifying methods for developing personal accountability in the workforce
  • Exploring manager skills and behaviours that encourage personal accountability
  • Creating a culture of trust and eradicate blame to support personal accountability
  • Managing those employees who reject personal accountability

What will delegates learn?

  • How to enhance productivity and morale by recognising and valuing staff
  • How to reduce moans, groans, absence and general negative energy
  • How to improve customer experience at every level
  • How to share vision and values leading to organisational success
  • How to create a more engaged workforce – improve retention, become an employer of choice

Who should attend?

Supervisors, managers, directors or leaders in a wide range of industries, including the public sector, who want to build skills and behaviours to improve personal accountability in their people.

This course can be delivered as a face-to-face or online course and run on a one-to-one basis at a reduced rate or at standard rate for groups of up to 12 delegates.

Why choose Jaluch?

We have over 16 years' experience in providing unique, bespoke and trusted training. We pride ourselves on having great trainers and combine this with highly relevant material and methods of delivery that are all designed to suit your individual business needs. We will always make sure delegates understand how our training translates into the workplace and how it aligns to your business goals.

We want our training to be enjoyable, so we don't make you sit through 'death by PowerPoint' and our style of delivery is always lively and engaging with maximum interaction and minimum lecture! From experience, we understand this is the only way to inspire delegates so that learning is truly embedded and not just forgotten a few days later.

Well constructed accountability training - delivered very well. Great work book.

Stuart Wyle EAAA

The group were able to express humour and there was a good balance between video, talking and direct involvement.

Mike Sharpe Cobham

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