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Duration 12 hours of training materials

Delegates Ideal for 4-12 delegates (per session)

Trainer notes 129 pages of trainer notes

Delegate handouts30 delegate handouts

PowerPoint presentation Powerpoint presentation (optional)

A complete training course that will enable you to develop the skills, knowledge and practical understanding of how to deliver great customer service. Expertly prepared for you to deliver over two days, four half days or in individual modules with comprehensive trainer notes, activity cards, games and exercises all included!

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All of us will have numerous customer service experiences that vary from the absolutely outstanding to the downright useless and irritating.

The reality is that 99% of organisations have to work really hard to ensure the correct levels of customer service are delivered time after time, and right across the organisation, in order to support business goals. Great customer service does not just benefit organisations, as staff who provide poor or non-existent customer service often feel less satisfied in their work and are as a result less motivated.

So here’s the solution! This customer service training material will help you provide your managers with tips, ideas and the confidence to begin their journey to develop great customer service skills across your organisation.

How does it work?

Our Bags of Learning are complete training kits, so you don’t need to spend hours pulling the course materials together, everything is done for you. All material is downloadable from our training portal. Any additional training aids for activities (props, games, activity cards etc.) are all included in the cost and will arrive in the post.

We offer Module 1 (Introduction to great customer service) from this course for £49 – licensed for 2 months use. The full course is licensed for 12 months. If you purchase the one-hour module but then decide you would like the full course, your initial £49 payment will be deducted from the full course cost. Please select from one module or full course in the pricing options above.

The training is designed to be participative and engaging to stimulate thinking and ideas. Line managers, HR professionals and in-house trainers will all be able to easily pick up and deliver this material, no previous experience required.

Modules Include

  • Introduction to great customer service
  • A great customer service provider
  • Looking at communication skills
  • Stereotypes and perception
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Developing great questioning and listening skills
  • Great presentation skills
  • Great telephone customer service
  • Difficult and aggressive behaviour
  • New generation customer service
  • Test your knowledge

If you’d like to talk to one of the team then call us on 01425 479888 or send us an email.

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