Transactional Analysis Training Kit


time 7+ hours of training material

Delegates Ideal for 4-16 delegates (per session – unlimited use)

Trainer notes Comprehensive trainer notes

Delegate handoutsDelegate handouts

PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint presentation (optional)

Transactional Analysis training resources, downloadable materials for delivering training on Transactional Analysis for educational, public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

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We designed this Transactional Analysis training kit as we know managing people and working with people can be tough. Why did they say that, why did they respond like that, what is going through their heads when they told me ‘no’? etc. Transactional Analsyis is an interesting topic to include when delivering training in the workplace. Some say it can be the module that opens people’s eyes to why they communicate and behave the way they do. It can therefore be a shortcut to developing more effective communication and behavioural styles in the workplace. There is a lot to this subject though which is why we have developed these materials in a way that means that can be delivered as just a one hour module, a three hour half day session or even a full one day session. You choose!

How does it work?

This is a complete training kit, this means that you do not need to spend hours pulling the course material together, everything is done for you. We include comprehensive trainers notes, delegate handouts, certificates, an optional PowerPoint presentation and props/games. When you purchase one of our training kits, you will be able to download all of the material online from our training portal. Any additional training aids (props, activity cards etc.) are all included in the cost and will arrive in the post.

The training is designed to be participative and engaging to stimulate thinking and ideas. Line managers, HR professionals and in-house trainers will all be able to easily pick up and deliver this material, no previous experience required. The training content is designed to suit to all levels, from junior to the most senior staff. However, we can provide a ‘Train the Trainer’ session, if support is required. Contact us for details.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to Transactional Analysis – 45 mins
  • Parent/Adult/Child – 1 hour
  • In Depth: Parent, Adult, Child – 1 hour
  • Bringing out the Best in Others – 1 hour
  • Under the bed (what emotions have you stored up over the years) – 1 hour, 30 mins
  • Transactions that work (creating good relationships) – 1 hour
  • Wrap up (what has been learnt) – 1 hour


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