Profiling and Assessment

Profiling and assessment can be used with great effect before, during and after employment. From recruitment, to managing the employment relationship, developing effective teams or even providing outplacement support, profiles can help unlock hidden potential and identify possible barriers to an individual or team’s success.

Personality Profiling

At Jaluch we are pleased to offer two of the best DISC psychometric profile tools on the market: Thomas PPA and Colourwise (Success Insights). Personality can play a very important part in the way a person performs in a job, and psychometric profiling gives great insight into an individual’s style of behaviour at work and how they interact with others.

Purchase individual or team personality profiles from us online, we can also provide profile feedback over the phone or via Zoom, directly to the individual or to their employer.

If you want something more in-depth we offer a team effectiveness using Colourwise in-house or online training, profiles are included.

General Intelligence Testing

For a better understanding of an individual’s aptitudes we also offer General Intelligence Assessments (Thomas GIA). The assessment looks at key strengths and abilities that may be important in the workplace, such as reasoning, numeracy and perceptual speed. At Jaluch we are big fans of this test and it forms an integral part of our own recruitment process as well as our clients!

Emotional Intelligence

The demand for Emotional Intelligence assessment and training has been increasing in recent years. The assessment tool we use at Jaluch is a Thomas International tool (TEIQ).

Emotional intelligence assessments provide clear guidance as to where to focus energy and time in respect of developing an individual’s self awareness, communication skills and understanding of how and when to adapt their behaviour to each circumstance.

Organisations that are led by leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence are considered to be better positioned to achieve success in our complex business world. Teams led by emotionally intelligent people tend to function really well, high morale, low staff turnover, high productivity, low conflict etc.

Getting started

Each profile or assessment can be taken online and completed in minutes, and we have trained practitioners who can deliver feedback either to the individual or directly to their employer. A comprehensive report is also provided.

If you would like to use profiling or intelligence testing within your organisation please do contact us for a quote or fill in the form below.

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