Project Fear? Project Irresponsible!

The British have for months been subjected to project fear, project threat, project utter ridiculous and project downright nonsense. I have been embarrassed time after time by influential political, business and civil leaders, with all types of affiliation, thinking that their airtime and public profile and self-important posturing are more important than calm, steady, honest leadership. What an appalling example has been set in recent weeks and months by so many powerful and influential people.

And not only did this occur prior to the Brexit vote, it has continued in the days that have followed. A number of EU leaders are deploring our vote whilst stoking unrest and hostilities by stamping their feet in anger. Some business leaders continue to scare monger and harp on about how devastating this will probably be for everyone without any real clarity about whether that is correct or realistic. How utterly childish.

I get that power, money and self-affirmation is the only motivator for some political leaders to get out of bed in the morning and that professional, statesmanlike (stateswoman) leadership behaviours are almost unheard of, but this is more than selfish. This is utterly irresponsible.

Groupthink research reminds us of the dangers of like-minded, same thinking, people gravitating towards each other and then not challenging each others views, not questioning the status quo, not drawing a wide variety of ideas out. Success doesn’t come from everyone agreeing, but with everyone’s viewpoint being given equal airtime and no one particular group blocking out the ideas of other. Success does not come from polarising views and insulting other parties.

As so many appear to be focussed on their own emotional responses, rather than aspiring to the role of strategic leader and visionary, I am left sensing the EU is more at danger from power-mad, arrogant, posturing politicians (plus a few similarly minded  business leaders) than from any recession or turmoil brought on by the exit vote.

Sad times indeed for leadership examples from those who should know better.

During these turbulent times of global unrest compounded by the UK vote, we need leaders who are strong, considered, visionary, collaborative and accountable. Leaders who thump the board table, play the blame game or think that the future is about winning the card hand at the table are no longer wanted or needed. Leaders who inspire and understand what it takes to lead are what we need. Let’s hope a few now start to step up to the plate.

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