Who’s Discriminating?

My last blog was about choosing your attitude at work and how choosing to work with a positive attitude can have such a huge impact on colleagues. But perhaps my message was confused, for within days of posting that blog we get someone calling anonymously complaining about the fact that whilst we have translated some […]

Choose your attitude

Today I have woken up to breakfast news channels giving serious airtime to the doom mongerers insisting that we are now entering into the dreaded ‘double dip’ recession. Actually I had woken up in a very optimistic mood. Question though is, having seen the bleak news, should I now spend the day with a morose […]

Barriers to Change

Reading the Institute of Directors Magasine this month, in an article about Aidan Halligan, Director of Education at College London Hospital, when talking about leadership and driving an organisation forward he is quoted as saying ‘make sure you’re aware of those people who resist you. You need to spend more time with those who don’t […]

Choose your Attitude

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that a Spanish cruise ship was quarantined in Venezuela as a result of several of its passengers being diagnosed with Swine Flu. Passengers were told they had to stay on board for a further week. Question is though how many of them whooped with joy at the […]