Office anger

In an interesting article I read this week, it suggested that 51% of us suffer ‘office rage’. Are you one of the 51%? I’m afraid I would have to confess to occasionally losing it at work and uttering a few choice words as a result – it would usually be computer problems or printer problems […]

When teams hinder growth

Earlier this week, whilst sitting on a train, I overheard a conversation between two women who were talking about their work. My ears pricked up when one of them said, ‘she thinks she’s better than us’. After a few moments, I realised they were talking about someone who was relatively new to their team. This […]

Would you sack an emotional vampire?

Just yesterday as I sat with a group of people, I was intrigued to hear them talk about individuals they neither respect nor like, but equally who they would not even consider sacking from work. It is beyond my comprehension to understand why people think they have to work with horrible people. Or people who […]

Words to wind you up…

  The following is an excerpt from a piece on Hey, tweeps. Done any photobombing lately? You know, while you lifecasted your date night with that ripped Wikipedian; he said he was an ethical hacker, but turned out to be a douche who just wanted to talk vajazzling. Totes ridic, right? Lolz So how […]

Three million

  Will he or won’t he get the three million? This week it’s a very short blog! Andy Gray is set to sue Sky for £3M following his departure from Sky Sports. I am sure we all know the story. He speaks out of turn about a female referee. The media picks up on it […]