Who do they think they are?

It should be sunny (but its not!) and I should be feeling like its holiday time (but I’m not on holiday!), and therefore I might be justified in feeling a little put out, but instead, I actually feel totally and utterly frustrated. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the weather or holidays but is […]

Bizarre Requests

With employees being more and more aware of their rights in the workplace and with generation Y never backwards in coming forwards to ask for something that they want, I thought I would mention a few of the more bizarre requests that have come across the Jaluch advice desk in recent times: An employee requesting […]

Tea and Sympathy

It has been a long time since ‘tea and sympathy’ was on the list of must have skills in the HR department, but with the plethora of tribunal claims and grievances coming through, you have got to ask yourself whether employing someone who is great at showing empathy and a really good listener, could diffuse […]