Paralysed with fear of ‘what if…’

Ever driven through a flood across a road, only to encounter a driver coming from the opposite direction stopped: surveying the flood, weighing the risks, undecided about going on, creating their very own personal traffic jam?  I’m sure you have. I came across one of these situations this week. It was on a busy A-road […]


Wherever I go I encounter people wanting to give tough messages in such a softly-softly way it’s not unusual for the message to never be heard. Is the UK so softly-softly, it is in danger of becoming a nation of wimps? Wimpy managers and wimpy employees? Perhaps its not a case of we are in […]

Head to head at the board table

Today we find one of the most important economies of the world in crisis due to its leaders playing ‘dare’. As one of the papers put it ‘we’re waiting to see who blinks first’. It’s irrelevant to me whether the Democrats or Republicans are at fault. What I dislike is the sense that egos and […]

Who inspires you?

  I have been talking about leadership and role models to a number of business and student groups recently. Who inspires us today to choose our careers, develop our skills, aspire to the board, or set up a business on our own? What I have found is, if you ask a group of students, invariably […]

How great is your body

I read an interesting article this week on how leaders need to be aware of, and use their bodies to lead! Other than where the imagination takes you on this theme – with whichever leader you know who springs to mind! I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a few lighthearted reminders on […]

An example to us all……

In this day and age when fantastic leadership is seemingly paramount to help us dig our way out of the economic mire we are in, it is interesting to note that when certain of our esteemed political leaders are criticised for participating in legal daylight robbery in respect of their expense claims, their typical recourse […]