Tackling poor performance

Almost every organisation I come into contact with admits to needing training for some or all of their managers in how to manage employee performance. Employers know there is a lack of skill to confidently and competently manage performance. Their employees know that their under performing colleagues are seldom properly managed. And their managers themselves often […]

Fear of technology. Time to get a grip!

Over the past few years I have occasionally talked about providing support to your in-house dinosaurs who ‘don’t do technology’. But fast changing technology is here to stay and those who don’t embrace it, or at least learn to live with it and use it, are fast becoming a liability for organisations. Home working, hot […]

Paralysed with fear of ‘what if…’

Ever driven through a flood across a road, only to encounter a driver coming from the opposite direction stopped: surveying the flood, weighing the risks, undecided about going on, creating their very own personal traffic jam?  I’m sure you have. I came across one of these situations this week. It was on a busy A-road […]

What have business leaders really learned?

  The recent press reports about companies, such as McDonalds and Sports Direct employing the majority of their staff on zero-hours contracts has highlighted how just a few companies, can have such a profound effect on so many other employers. It’s a stark reminder that the leaders of some organisations seem not to have learned […]

Time to engage brain!

Last week I read about a Swedish woman in a lingerie shop who won her gender discrimination claim after being forced to wear a badge displaying her bra size. It beggars belief that companies in this day and age do not understand that you cannot get people to wear badges that display things such as […]