Fear of technology. Time to get a grip!

Over the past few years I have occasionally talked about providing support to your in-house dinosaurs who ‘don’t do technology’. But fast changing technology is here to stay and those who don’t embrace it, or at least learn to live with it and use it, are fast becoming a liability for organisations. Home working, hot […]

The Lone Ranger

You have probably met the corporate Lone Ranger at conferences, airports, or executive lounges – for those who have no real office base. You may occasionally have seen him (or her) passing through your own offices, on the way to some unknown meeting. The modern corporate Lone Ranger has a job title no one is […]

All bricked up

Is anyone irritating you at the moment? Holding you back? Taking the shine off the job you used to enjoy? Hey, don’t let those brick walls put up by others stop you from achieving, or prevent you from having a great time at work each day. I suppose a starting point, if you are feeling […]