Tackling poor performance

Almost every organisation I come into contact with admits to needing training for some or all of their managers in how to manage employee performance. Employers know there is a lack of skill to confidently and competently manage performance. Their employees know that their under performing colleagues are seldom properly managed. And their managers themselves often […]

Fear of technology. Time to get a grip!

Over the past few years I have occasionally talked about providing support to your in-house dinosaurs who ‘don’t do technology’. But fast changing technology is here to stay and those who don’t embrace it, or at least learn to live with it and use it, are fast becoming a liability for organisations. Home working, hot […]

Six essential employability skills

During the recruitment process, focus is placed on the skill set needed for the job and organisational competencies. Experience and qualifications are fine, but what about the human touch? Those other skills that we managers need new recruits to bring to the business, to ensure we retain our sanity? I think employability skills are equally […]

Common sense does not apply…

The Jaluch advice centre has been incredibly busy over the past few months. The team tell me if there are any common issues coming through and I like to focus on these for our blogs and HR Blasts. Over the past two weeks they have had a plethora of issues relating to ‘failure to follow […]

Über worker extraordinaire

  I know someone who is currently studying for her A Levels. She works part time in a local store, just a few hours a week. However, this week one of the store’s full timers asked her why she was in work yet again and taking on so much overtime. In response, with tongue firmly […]

Who needs HR?

  When business is tough, you have to cut those services that either don’t deliver or that aren’t critical to your business strategy and success. But how do you decide what is critical? Well, each business will of course make its own decisions, but what I’m increasingly coming across are businesses that have radically cut […]