The fear factor

It has often been discussed within Jaluch why we do not seek to sell our services based on the fear businesses have of grievances and tribunal claims. Many businesses sell on fear. Many of our competitors sell on fear. Personally though I think it is morally wrong to do so. In fact the impact of […]

Tribunal chaos

Given the work we do at Jaluch, it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you we spend quite a bit of time communicating with the employment tribunals, within the UK. Some are great, others are a total disaster zone that cost money, piles and piles of it! So how do we find a […]

The compensation gravy train

£500,000 worth of compensation for tribunal claims in a decade This week, Pauline Scanlon hit the headlines after winning her fourth tribunal case in a decade, as a result of which she has accumulated a phenomenal £500,000 of compensation – which for someone on a £25K a year salary is pretty good going by the […]

Money madness – tribunal claims

Amid reports that online shoppers splurged £350M on goods on what was reported as Mega Monday (7th December) I thought you might also like to be reminded of an ‘in house’ splurge that isn’t just happening on Mega Monday but across the year. I am of course talking about Tribunal Claims and Tribunal awards – […]

No win no fee – no thanks!

One of our clients reports that each lunchtime, in the area outside their building, a ‘no win, no fee’ employment solicitor sets up shop and starts touting for business as employees venture out to get their lunch. And it happens every day. But how on earth can employers protect themselves from such sharks who understand […]