Power games

Whilst the press watch with glee and the government watch with despondency, the rest of us in the UK look on in bewilderment as union after union announces its current stalemate with xyz employer will be followed by strike action. Whether its over the sacking of some employee, a desire to modernise, or a plea […]

Just Grateful to have a Job

It amazes me constantly that some parts of our society think it acceptable to go on strike over proposed pay deals at a time when many are losing their jobs, accepting pay freezes or even agreeing to pay reductions. What makes them so special? Is it really the case that some people can justify the […]

Always Someone Else’s Fault……

Just this week I read in a TUC bulletin (their weekly health and safety update) that a London Underground driver had received substantial compensation after he injured himself on some broken glass in a cab. The TUC report states “The incident happened just weeks after ASLEF had complained about the standard of cleanliness in the […]