Data Protection (GDPR) eLearning

If you have large numbers of staff to roll out data protection training to, then why not take a look at our data protection (GDPR) eLearning? Takes around 20 minutes to complete, including end of module quiz. What a great way to raise knowledge about data protection around your organisation. Available to purchase on a per head basis.

We are excited to offer an engaging and interactive GDPR eLearning course. We have two data protection courses available, one for employees and one for managers.

Course Outline (Employees 20 mins)

  • Data breaches - are they relevant to me?
  • Your rights under data protection law
  • Data protection responsibilities
  • All clear? Checking your knowledge and understanding

Course Outline (Managers 40 mins)

  • Understanding data protection (GDPR) legislation and its obligations
  • Getting to grips with the terminology used in data protection legislation
  • Exploring how data protection legislation applies in our own organisations
  • Considering individual responsibilities in relation to protecting data
  • Learning how to assess breaches of data protection and minimise risk

eLearning duration

The employee data protection programme takes around 20 minutes to complete and the managers eLearning programme takes around 40 minutes to complete. Learners can start and stop the course as they please and their place will be saved. A certificate can be provided upon completion.

Customisation & Compatibility

Each aspect of the course can be tailored to produce a completely bespoke package, reflecting your own learning objectives.

Customisations range from rebranding – logo replacement and re-colouring the template to match your company branding, to a full bespoke package where we can tailor the course to your organisation’s exact requirements by adding/removing certain topics, changing learning objectives, focusing on one specific area that you wish to address or  incorporating links to your policies and procedures.

This course can be hosted on our own LMS system, which gives users instant online access, which we can manage for you. We will notify you when users have completed the course and provide certificates of completion - re-branding is not available for this option.

If you have a high volume of potential users, or would prefer to manage the implementation yourself, we can provide you with a SCORM or Tin Can API file so you can upload the course on your own LMS system.

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