Unconscious Bias eLearning

We are excited to offer an engaging and interactive unconscious bias eLearning programme designed to give participants a fuller understanding of the topic. Using examples and interactive exercises the course takes a straightforward look at one of the most important current issues in diversity management. We are subject matter experts and have the key specialist knowledge on unconscious bias training.

Key learning objectives

  • Gain an overview of the different types of unconscious bias
  • Learn the business case for developing a greater understanding of unconscious bias
  • Raise awareness of the research behind unconscious bias
  • Consider how our unconscious biases can affect our view of someone’s status
  • Learn that what we perceive may not be reality
  • Understand the impact of allowing biases to run unchecked

eLearning duration

This unconscious bias programme takes around 50 minutes to complete. Learners can start and stop the course as they please and their place will be saved. A certificate can be provided upon completion. If you would like a longer programme then please contact us.


Each aspect of the template can be tailored to produce a completely bespoke package, reflecting the learning objectives.

Customisations range from simple branding – logo replacement and re-colouring the template to match your branding, to a full bespoke package where we can tailor the course to your organisation’s exact requirements by adding/removing certain topics, changing learning objectives, focusing on one specific bias that you wish to address or  incorporating links to your policies and procedures.

LMS compatibility

This content can be delivered through our own e-learning platform  in instant online access format for individual or multiple users, which we can manage for you. If you would prefer, corporate licences for unlimited users within your organisation are also available (SCORM download for use with in-house learning Management Systems).

Scenarios, branding and content customisation can also be adapted to suit your organisation’s needs.


"A really interesting course. Everyone needs to have their unconscious bias tapped into to recognise it, heighten awareness and increase their understanding in the work and social environment."
Andrea Blackman, Wettons Cleaning Services

"I can highly recommend the services of Jaluch. Their commitment and professionalism has helped us greatly with a diversity of employment issues, their support and assistance has proved invaluable."
Richings Park Golf Club, Alison Goodwin – Accounts and Administration Manager

Some screen shots from our unconscious bias eLearning...

unconscious bias 1
unconscious bias 2
unconscious bias 3
unconscious bias 4

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We also run interactive and practical Unconscious Bias Workshops and offer blended learning solutions if you need both eLearning and classroom training for more information on these contact us.

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